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Benefits of WordPress as a CMS for Blogging

WordPress is a great Content Management System (CMS) without which the Blogging world might not be so much evolved like

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10 Must-Have WordPress Plugins for Your WordPress Website

It is a true fact that interesting as well as the original content always gets the maximum priority to the

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How to Write a Blog Post in WordPress

After you have installed your favorite Theme and basic plugins, it’s time to write your first post. While blogging, one of the most

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How to Install WordPress Plugin Manually or by FTP

WordPress Plugin is a set of program that is integrated with WordPress and add additional functionalities to facilitate the task. Since

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How to Install WordPress Theme – 2 Proven Ways

In sequence of the previous tutorial, today I am going to discuss how to install WordPress theme on your blog. WordPress Theme allows

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How to Submit Sitemap to Google Search Console

How to Submit Sitemap to Google Webmaster tools for faster indexing and avail useful features from Google Webmaster tools? Being the

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